Thursday, 22 December 2016

Aomori Curry Festival 2017

Aomori Curry Festival 2017
(Aomori Curry Matsuri)

Try various local curries from around Aomori Prefecture!

Aomori Curry Festival 2017 flyer front 平成29年あおもりカレーまつり チラシ表 Matsuri Aomori City Aspam 青森市 青森県観光物産館 アスパム
Aomori Curry Festival 2017 flyer back 平成29年あおもりカレーまつり チラシ裏 Matsuri Aomori City Aspam 青森市 青森県観光物産館 アスパム

Date: January 7-9, 2017
Time: 10:00-15:00
Location: Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center "Aspam" 1st Floor Event Hall
青森県観光物産館アスパム1階イベントホール (Map)
Admission: Free (purchase required for curry)
  • Local Curry Sales (quantities may be limited)
    18 different types, 300-600yen
  • Curry Bread Sales (quantities may be limited)
    5 different types, 200-400yen
  • Local Curry Prize Drawing
    (1st Floor Information 1階インフォメーション)
    One prize draw chance per 2000yen spent in Aspam
  • Free Pork Belly & Tofu Curry Nabe Stew
    Sat. Jan. 7, ①11:00~ & ②13:00~
    (Near 1st Floor Escalator 1階エスカレーター周辺)
    First 100 people each time!
  • Free Original Curry Powder Making
    Jan. 7-8, ①10:00-12:00 & ②13:00-14:00
    (2nd Floor Aomori Taiken Hall 2階あおもり体験ホール)
    Limited to 200 people/time slot

Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center "Aspam" 青森県観光物産館アスパム
1-1-40 Yasukata (青森県青森市安方1丁目1-40)
Aomori, Aomori 030-0803

More Information:
Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center Aspam Website (Japanese):

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